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Why is Quran Memorization important?

MEMORIZING THE HOLY QURAN Memorizing the Holy Quran simply means learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of Holy Quran that it is the only book in the world that can be memorized word to word even by children of very young age.

  • Heart Feels Peace

  • Memorized

  • Islamic Knowledge

  • Guidence and Help

Quran Memorization

At the time of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), writing things for the purpose of storing them was not usually practiced, hence people used to memorize whatever knowledge they wanted to preserve.

Even today when matters of preservation are no longer a difficult aspect due to advanced technology, memorizing Holy Quran is still the Honor that Allah grants to whomever he chooses. While it is in the hands of Allah who he chooses as the safe keeper of His Holy book, we are here to provide you the guidance and help you need to achieve this sacred honor.

  • Learning it by heart

  • Quran Recitation

  • Islamic Knowladge

  • Memorized Word by Word

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